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Neue Quilt

/2023 Rabbit Hair Sofa Seating Cushions
2023 Rabbit Hair Sofa Seating Cushions 2023-03-03

Rabbit Hair Sofa Seating Cushions-HJ HOME FASHION

HJ Faux Rabbit Fur Sofacovers can suit for sofa cover 1 seats, sofacovers 2 seats, Sofa Seat Cover 3 Seats, Cushion Cover 4 seats, sofa cushion covers 5 seat, Sofa Cover Protector Couch 6 seater and 7 seater sofa cover. For the Rabbit Hair sofacovers you can choose Light Grey Sofacovers, Dark grey Sofa covers, Dark coffee quilted sofa cover, Light coffee quilted sofa cover, Milky white sofa seat covers, Milk coffee sofa seat covers, Cherry pink sofa cushion cover, Cherry red sofa cushion cover, Fuchsia sofa cushion cover, Light blue strech sofa cover, Sky blue strech sofa cover,  Dark grey Sofa Seat Cover, Light grey Seat Cover, Creamy white sofa covers,Tawny color sofa covers, Milk tea Color Sofa Slipcover, Green covers de sofa, Orange color sofa seating cushions, Brown color cushion covers and other sofacover clolor you like.


❉ Rabbit Plush Massage Sense Design to enjoy French Romance.

HJHOME Man-made Rabbit Gross Sofa Cushion Cover the delicate fluff is firm and not easy to remove hair and pilling, massage feeling thick velvet special warm feeling, warm effect double.

❉ Multi-color optional match, meet your different decoration style.
HJHOME now have produce Milky White Rabbit Hair covers for sofa, Cherry Pink 3 seater Rabbit Fur sofa cover, Light coffee Plush Rabbit strech sofa cover, Dark brown Faux Rabbit covers sofa, Dark grey Rabbit sofa cover 3 seats.

❉ High-density lock fiber 99.8%, fine texture, feel soft, not wool, not the ball.

HJHOME factory produce the Rabbit hair Sofa Cover Protector Couch high density locking fiber technology, no pulling off wool, easy to clean.

❉ Upgrade silicone particles to prevent them from falling.
HJHOME sofa cover couch encryption silicone anti-slip particles, neatly arranged, good effect and protect the sofa seat surface does not wear, anti-slip technique.

How to choose the correct size for the Sofa Cushion?

Sofa Size Guide:

The distance between the ends of the sofa is 90-130 cm
The suitable size is:ONE SEATER

The distance between the ends of the sofa is between 135-175cm.
The suitable size is :TWO SEATER

The distance between the ends of the sofa is between 180-220cm
The suitable size is : THREE SEATER

The distance between the ends of the sofa is between 225-300 cm
The suitable size is : FOUR SEATER

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No.918, Hongye Avenue, Pujiang Ecnomic Zone, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province

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tel : 0086 510 8286 7515

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